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CU Times: Afghanistan Program

I excess of 180 prosthetic hands have been delivered through the CU Philanthropy Group to men, women and children around the globe that have lost their hands due to land mines and other atrocities.  We are proud to be a valuable link in the chain for the delivery of these incredible gifts. We look forward to having you join us in this effort.

Literally defined, to inspire means, “to breathe life into.” The desire to inspire conference attendees is at the core of our value proposition, and our intent is to deliver essential business content in a way that accomplishes that goal. The CU Philanthropy Group has been inspiring participants since delivering its first event nearly three years ago.  Just as our Helping Hands have touched the the lives of land mine victims around the globe, they have also touched the hearts of participants and inspired a new level of service to others.

In the end, all definitions of inspire wind their way to a notion that we have adopted as our mission … to infuse others with life, with energy, and with passion.


We look forward to having you join us as we take "Making a Difference" to an all new level!





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